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To improve this site we'd really appreciate it if you could complete this survey for us. It should only take 1-2 minutes.

About the web site

The site worked
Site navigation was
I rate this site
How did you hear about this site?

Tell us about the name search engine
For the purpose of this survey I'm referring to the name (e.g. smith)
I translated my name because
I thought the translations of my name were

Tell us about what you want in the future
I'd like to see...
More information on each kanji
More ways to translate my name
More information on translation of names into Japanese in general
More information about Japan

Tell us about services you'd be interested in
If you offered a service where a native Japanese person checked MyNameInJapanese to guarantee it was correct, and gave me more information on the name then I'd be
If you offered a service that gave me a much larger list of options for MyNameInJapanese and information on what a native Japanese person thought were the best options then I'd be

I have the following comments:

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